Overview of the Instructor Program

The World Jungyae Moosul Federation Instructor Program is a structured process through several phases. Each phase must be completed satisfactorily to graduate to the next level. Level 1 and 2 are completed in their academies under their respective Instructor, as an Instructor Cadet. Level 3 is split into two different courses. Course A; Assistant Instructor is designed to teach leadership, communication and technical skills. Course B; Academy Manager teaches office management, sales, event coordination and business management. This course is designed for those who wish to solely assist at an Academy as a manager. Student’s who desire to open an affiliated school need to complete both course A and B. At Level 4, the student as attained the title of Bu Sa Reoung (Assistant Instructor) and will now tenure at an academy either as a teaching assistant or academy manager. Level 5 is Sa Reoung (Instructor). This title is awarded to a student who successfully opens an Academy.  Level 6 is Dae Sa Reoung (Chief Instructor). This is the highest awarded title and is issued to a student who has performed above and beyond the requirements through self-less service and dedication The journey through the Instructor

Program takes many years to accomplish. Along the way, there are several distinct phases, which have their own respective requirements. However, before a student may be considered for beginning Instructor Training, he/she must meet some basic requirements. If these basic qualifications are met, the Instructor

Cadet will begin the Instructor Program Level 1, which concentrates on proper technique, history, knowledge, etiquette, basic teaching principles, and increased involvement in Jungyae Complete Martial Arts.

Level 1 Training:
It is said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step - and by becoming an instructor candidate you have made that step. Upon meeting the basic qualifications, a student may begin Level 1 training as a ‘Instructor Cadet.’  During this phase, the student improves their techniques through intensive lessons from their instructor. With service to the Federation and their respective academy, they further begin the process of becoming more involved in Federation activities.  An Instructor Candidate remains at Level 1 for approximately 4 months. There are specific requirements that must be met before moving onto the next level.

After completing the requirements of Level 1, an Instructor Cadet continues to improve their technique, mental and physical conditioning, and 24 hours of teaching experience over the next 9 months. This process is very similar to Level 1, but intensified. Again, there are specific requirements that must be met before graduating from this level as an Instructor Cadet.

Level 3 Qualifications:
Upon successfully completing Level 2, the Instructor Cadet will begin Level 3 and now will choose between two courses. 
Course A: Assistant Instructor.
Course B: Academy Manager.  

If these qualifications are met, the Instructor Cadet may apply for acceptance into the different courses. The application process basically entails completing the requested tasks, and providing the requested materials contained within the Application Packet:

Course A:
Assistant Instructor is designed to teach leadership, communication and technical skills. This course is designed for those students who wish to open their own academies. 

During this phase, comprehensive Instructor Training techniques, philosophies and practices will be taught, covering the various areas necessary to be a successful Instructor. The Instructor Cadet must complete this course in good attendance; complete any work assigned, and successfully pass all written or oral tests presented to them. The course will cover various areas of Jungyae Complete Martial

▲  Perfecting the cadet’s martial arts theory, technique and conditioning.
▲  Effectively teaching the cadet how to instruct others.
▲  Steps to properly run a Jungyae business with dignity and success.

Course B:
Academy Manager teaches office management, sales, event coordination and business management. This course is designed for those who wish to solely assist at an Academy as a manager. 
▲  Assisting a Chief Instructor in everyday teaching and business affairs.
▲  Assisting the Federation in major events, and/or providing service to the community on behalf of Jungyae Moosul.

Level 4:  
At this phase, the Assistant Instructor will accept and complete their assigned ‘mission.’ The mission itself shall last approximately six months, but may vary in function based upon the student and circumstances. During this time, the assistant instructor will become more aware of practical everyday life as an assistant instructor, and will complete their mission through several endeavors.

Level 5: 
When an assistant instructor successfully opens an Academy he/she is awarded the title of ‘Instructor’ through an official ceremony, provided the instructor has obtained the level of Moo Sa (Black Belt), or above.

Level 6: 
After not less than one year tenure as an Instructor, a Chief Instructor may recommend that instructor for the title of Dae Sa Reoung (Chief Instructor). 
A formal list of accomplishments and awards must be presented along with recommendation from two more Chief Instructor and final approval from Founder/Grand Master. If so, such title will be conferred in a formal ceremony.  Before this recommendation is given, however, the instructor must demonstrate:

▲  Technique and Business Proficiency, with re-evaluation by their Chief Instructor.
▲  Bong Sa (service), by successfully contributing to the community, school or family.

The process may seem lengthy and demanding – and indeed it is. It is not a path for everyone, and should not be chosen without careful consideration. This is for those who are willing, capable and committed. However, the rewards are abundant and fulfilling along the journey. Besides, what truly rewarding accomplishments in life come without sacrifice and struggle? 

Jung sin il do, ha sa bul sung!