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In 1956 Kim, Won Kuk was born in Dae Jun the capital of the Choong Chun Nam Do province, once the center of the Baek Jae Kingdom. He began studying the ancient Korean martial arts under the supervision of his father, Supreme Grand Master Bok Man Kim. The Kim family moved from Korea to Hong Kong in 1968, where he continued to study under the guidance of his father.

In October of 1981, Grand Master Kim arrived in the United States. He spent his first few years traveling around the country, performing in Masters’ demonstrations and seminars, illustrating the many benefits that can be derived from the study of martial arts. At the same time he carefully studied the current state of affairs of the martial arts in America. Grand Master Kim's experience and expertise in instructing U.S. Army personnel and the Hong Kong Police Department enabled him to continue his studies by training law enforcement organizations. He successfully completed the National Law Enforcement Training for Handgun Retention in March of 1986, becoming a Certified Instructor of the Handgun Retention System. Grand Master Kim has since instructed numerous police officers and department heads in the area of self-defense, weapons training, and handgun retention. In 1987 Grand Master Kim began to work on an idea that had been in his mind for many years; the development of a new and complete martial art which would teach all of the theories, principles and philosophies from the ancient martial arts in such a way that would make the new martial art superior to any previously devised. The result was the creation of Jungyae Moosul (Complete Martial Arts Education).

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