A martial art is a way of life - not simply an achievement or a vocation. Unfortunately, in recent times in the United States, the practice of martial arts has become more sport-oriented and financially driven. The martial arts were designed to properly focus on development and education under the original philosophies of embracing them as a way of life. Through Jungyae Complete Martial Arts, it is the goal of founder Won Kuk Kim to restore these vital philosophies back into the mainstream of martial arts – both in America and worldwide.

The instructor’s in the Jungyae Complete Martial Arts are examples of leadership in physical training, and mental strength in order to lead our community, society, country and the world.

They have natural talents that enable them to be a Martial Arts professional. Not only skilled in the necessary techniques, but same time unusually effective ability to clearly communicate in both words and motions the “how to” of Martial Arts.

It is impressed by their demonstrated commitment to growth in the Martial Arts of both himself/herself and their students. There is modest and gentle, yet an assured and talented individual who leads by example. We believe that because of these qualities, Instructor’s of Jungyae Complete Martial Arts would be able to overcome any hurdles put before them. They pose all the proficiency, motivation, and patience needed to properly study in any philosophies. In whatever they try, they will rise to the top.