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One must ardently abide by the philosophies of the martial arts. In accepting this honor, we must promise to dedicate ourselves to ensure the high standards of the martial arts education. Most of all eliminate any dilution, maintaining martial arts original, pure form as it is passed from generation to generation.

Jungyae Moosul students aspire to that which is greater than their current selves. They act as a family, bettering their own lives as well as the lives of others. By stressing the foundation of honor, unity and service, the Federation provides students the elements needed to travel the path of a Martial Artist. Through honor we are founded in truth; through unity we are founded in love; through service we are founded in selflessness. These Federation ideals give students the power to be more than the sum of their parts. Honor ( Myong Yae ): Founded in Honesty.

One who is honorable walks with courage, wisdom, and love to help his or her fellow man. Their self-esteem and integrity are strong and unfaltering.

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