There are literally thousands of unique martial arts systems and styles, all of which appear different in technique from one another. In essence they are all the same. If you look at a tree, you will see that it has a hundreds of branches and thousands of leaves, all of which are unique. However, they all share the same root. The same holds true the martial arts. While every style may, on the surface, appear different from all others, their root theories and principles are all the same. It is their use, presentation, and expression of these roots that make them unique. With this knowledge, students are able to continue to grow and develop in all areas of the martial arts, without limitations.

All of the martial arts in existence can be expressed through one theorem - the Um/Yang or Ying/Yang symbol. We can use many different ways of explaining this simple yet universal symbol. This symbol represents the root of martial arts. In our system, we do not simply learn techniques; but rather, we focus our energies on learning the root theories and principles behind the techniques.

Commonly, marital arts systems have devoted their time to learning just the countless techniques in martial arts. However, how many techniques can one human being learn in a lifetime? 100? 1000? 10,000? This is like lock-picking doors. After time and practice, the task becomes easier and easier; but, it is impossible and ultimately inefficient to unlock the vastness of the martial arts in this manner. But, what if you had a universal key that opened all the doors? Although it would still take many lifetimes to open all the doors, having the key gives the student a richer understanding of the martial arts, true confidence, and the freedom to explore with patience and understanding. This is the goal of true martial arts.